Video Games and PlayStation Reduces the Number of Viewers of Pornography

In the past decade, rape cases have been very common in the media. It is always on the headlines in newspapers. When internet was introduced that time, laws and rules in the internet were not that tight. Anyone could access videos without warnings. There were no limitations and age limits when you open a website. Because of that, teenagers that time were not ignorant in pornography. These were the most influencing factors of rape and harassment to women those days.

Fast forward to today, and we have a lot more technologies than anyone might have anticipated. To mention just a few, we have video gaming consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One. With just a few accessories, for instance the PlayStation 4 Stand, even the idlest of persons can spend hours on end doing something interesting – playing video games they actually love!

When PlayStation, video games and online games were introduced, many of the male community were engrossed to it. You may think that internet games are bad influence to your children or to anyone who have been addicted to it. But if you look in the brighter side, if you are aware of its advantages, you will realize that it helps lessenthe crime against gaming

Most of the teenagers today, even your husband or even you are playing the new introduced games in your android phone or in your computer. Pornography sites today are seldom visited because of these games. Teenagers go to net cafe to play games and interact with other players. Men after work prefer to play online games rather than watching porn videos. You may say that they are addicted and to you, it is disturbing, but it isn’t that bad, right? Because if you are a wife, you would prefer that your husband will be addicted to games than to porn sites and have the possibility of experimenting what they saw on the sex video in other woman.  If you are a mother, you would prefer that your son will stay home and play video games than going out and having pot sessions or drinking with friends. And you would prefer them to be play games than watching porn sites.

Based on my research, there are different types of video games. Here are some which I believe are most common and games that you might be playing now.

  1. online games
  2. computer games
  3. mobile games
  4. narrative games
  5. role playing games
  6. medieval games
  7. shooter games

These games can easily be accessed in the net and can be downloaded to your pc and mobile. You must consider that putting games in your computer and mobile has the advantages to you and to your family. You just need to be broad-minded and positive about it.

Play stations are suitable for young boys. Giving your son a play station doesn’t mean that you are spoiling them in terms of gadget. You are just giving them an option of how they will spend their vacant time. Think of it!!! For mothers like you, giving your son a play station will keep them inside the house. And keeping them inside will give you less worry of the outside accidents. And less worries that they might be going to internet cafes and watching adult sites in the net. See? New games are not bad at all. For they have also advantages and positive effects in the male society… :)


Video Games, Online Games – For Leisure? Or is it Becoming a Vice?

gaming addictionHow do your rate yourselves in terms of playing online games or video games? Do you play only to have fun when you have nothing to do, or are you the kind that plays it any time you can, or maybe, you are the kind that cannot live without it? Whatever kind of player you are; it is your choice. It’s your choice to make it only a leisure or a vice. Games are invented to give you pleasure, not to ruin your life. It is your choice how you will the game.

In the kind of lifestyle that you are living today, when having a phone is a must and computer is one of the necessities at home, you cannot avoid the influence of the internet. There are always new games applications for phones and in the net. To be “in”, you always grab what’s new in the market.  Play the latest and famous games in your phone and avail every latest gadget that comes out in the market. You play the game and without knowing it, you’re becoming an addict. When you become an “addict” to a game, it becomes a “vice”. This is not good.

To help you realize that you are starting to be addicted, here are some questions that you could ask yourself;

  • When you are playing and when you feel hungry, do you ignore your hunger because you are still in the part where you are winning a battle in your game?
  • Do you get irritated when your mother or someone calls you or ask you something while you are playing and most of the time pretend not hears them?
  • Do you skip taking a bath and sleep very late because you spend the whole day just sitting in front of your pc playing a game?
  • Do you make excuses to your appointments and household chores because you are too tired and couldn’t leave the game?

If your answer to these questions is “YES”, then you are an addict and video game is your vice. To help you balance your time in playing games and to help you play healthy and responsibly; here are some tips you should follow:

  • First, you should not forget to eat at the right time. Make your health a priority. Use eye protector while playing.
  • Set a limit on how long you will play in a day, depending in your work or vacant time. Set a time when is the right time to play when no one can disturb.
  • Set your priorities. Prioritized your job where you make your living. Remember, you play games to be entertained after your busy days at work.
  • When you’re playing at home on weekends, don’t forget that weekends should be a time to spend time with your family. You can play games with your kids. Just be responsible what kind of game that is also good and enjoyable for them.

There are varieties of games that you can choose. And these games are meant to be enjoyed, so play responsibly. :)